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Alf West

Who is Alf West who runs the scambusters website in New Zealand.

Alfred Hugh WEST
98 Whiterocks Road, Rd 6d, Oamaru, 9492

Director: Digital Dog Ltd

Digital Dog Ltd, 22 159 Gorge Rd, Queenstown, 9197 , New Zealand

Nicola Marie WEST
98 Whiterocks Road, 6d Rd, Oamaru, 9492

Alf you labelled me a scammer by publishing my details on your scambusters website. You published details provided by one Reece Godinet. Reece was a chief in Christchurch. There are many articles about Reece Godinet because he put poison chemicals in the footwear of one of his workmates in an attempt to make that workmate quit. There was even an article in the Sydney Morning Herald  about Reece Godinet.

Gamers on a gamming forum (on3network) that Reece frequented advocated my violent demise based on what Reece Godinet said.

I was subjected to an abduction, a violent assault and an attempted robbery not long afterwards.

So you Judged me using incomplete and inaccurate information.

There is a forum called the disputes tribunal where people who think they are being scammed can complain and receive recompense for any injustice.

You are holding yourself out to be an advocate of the dispute tribunal but your not that. As far as I can tell you have no legal training what so ever yet you are presenting yourself as a Judge of men.

After you have made your quasi judgement based on the evidence presented by idiot's like Reece Godinet, you then access online computer databases and retrieve people's personal information such as their residential address and then you publish that information on the internet compromising their privacy and their security. You are publishing people's home addresses and exposing them to ridicule.

Do you have some sort of warrant from the Ministry of Justice or perhaps you have a warrant from the Crown.

As far as I can tell your just some sort of Television Producer; he he. Why don't you buy one of those black robes and a white wig and perhaps a wooden gabble and that really would complete the comedy. It really would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

Of all the scammers on your website, you are the biggest one of them all because you aren't qualified to Judge people nor are you authorised by the Ministry of Justice to act as a Judge, Jury and dare I say it, as executioner.

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