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This is the mKiwi New Zealand Online Arcade Computer Games page. Below is a collection of games that you can play for free. To play these online computer games you need a java enabled browser. The required browsers can be downloaded for free.

Asteroids | Defender of the Moon | Missile Commando | Pacman Game
Real Invaders | Solitaire Card Games | Tail Gunner Game | Tetris Game | Torpedo Alley

Solitaire Card Games

Idiot's Delight Home | Klondike | FreeCell | Canfield | Golf | Pyramid | Spider | Clock
Calculation | Shamrocks | Scorpion | King Albert | Yukon | Beleaguered Castle
Flower Garden

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  • Game Planet
  • Game Zone - dreamcast, gamecube, playstation, playstation 2, n64, ps2
  • Kiwi Arcade - Free Online Games And Downloads.

Note: Java Calculation requires a java-enabled browser - I could not play these games on IE 6.0. However when I installed Netscape 7.0 I could play them in both browsers. Netscape seemed to include the Java environment required. I did a full install using a Netguide CD-ROM that contained Netscape 7.0 (rather than downloading it).

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