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Contact Energy

I've just been threatened by the cops.

I walk into the Gisborne Police Station dripping in blood having been violently assaulted in an attempted robbery and an abduction, and hand the cops the assailants and they don't do anything.

One phone call from Contact Energy and they are threatening to arrest me. So I will edit out most offensive material from this page. But now I won't remove the remaining material Monday thanks to the Gisborne Police.

To be trained by Contact Energy to do routine service maintenance on switch boards where the prospective short circuit current is thousands of amperes. To be shown by your supervisor to tighten cubicle feeder terminals with the boards off-line as they always were when routine service maintenance was conducted.

In some respects you can call this learning by rote or by repetition. That is how you always do the job. How you have always done it. Until suddenly you change the procedure.

And then through the redundancy process being stressed out constantly renegotiating your employment contract, seeing all your mates loose their job but being told that severance wouldn't be available in your particular case (for some unknown reason).

Then to farm out all the maintenance work to contractors and then suddenly switching to routine servicing of the switchboards while live because there was nothing else to do.

And sure I made a mistake in not renewing my tools to maintain their good condition and also not allowing for the changed state of the boards.

I was a thief. I stole a tool and you knew that. You should have sacked me straight away. What was it, a $20 tool. That was the sort of idiot that I was back then.

Do you know some of the stories I could regale you with. How about drug taking by serving Police offices? .............................. No I won't mention Politicians in this forum.

Redundancy wasn't available to me until one of the panels exploded in my face. After that I was a bloody wreck. Suddenly there was some redundancy for me. What was it $5,000 or was it $7,000. You know that the spark's are fucked up after those events. I saw several of the other sparkies similarly fucked.

And then as you show me the door you regale me with my failings. That was really nice I appreciated that :)

You withhold all work and send me up onto the same live boards day in and day out till I leave.

Then to live below the minimum wage for twenty years watching your parents die horrid deaths and putting them through hell because of your fucked up state.

Did you know that the NEW ZEALAND POLICE blamed me for my sisters suicide. Very nice of them too. I really appreciated that.

Having watched my mother die a slow lingering death from cancer for many years.

Turning me loose in that condition affected all of my family, not just me.

By regaling me with my faults as you showed me the exit door, my opinion is that that showed a degree of intent. Whether consciously or subconsciously you knew what I had done and you deliberately put me into harms way unnecessarily.

-------------------------------- Censored --------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------- Censored --------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------- Censored --------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------- Censored --------------------------------------------------------------

Thank you AMD and thank you Yankee's :) A little Ray of Sunshine in the darkness. Thanks' to Google too :)

And if any more of my family members get sick as all the others did in quick succession then I will close down those websites and place our little tale on those sites.

I do love Les Miserable. Poor old Gilets Jaunes. Yes I do sympathize with the French. And no I don't support the excessive violence seen in Paris.

A little cussing is about my limit these days.

-------------------------------- Censored --------------------------------------------------------------

So this is Kevin's (peaceful) Gilets Jaune protest.

It's cheering me up no end watching the French in Paris :)

I am intending to leave New Zealand in the next year or two.

Praise the Lord my bones won't have to rest in this country through all eternity. I cannot think of a greater insult to the management of Contact Energy than to say, thank goodness my bones won't be resting in the same soil as your bones through all of Eternity :)

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